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                                                        Shanghai Fluorine Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., specializes in the production of fluorocompounds through electrochemical fluorination mechanism. The company was first established in June 2000 as SIIC Shen Lian Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
                                                        The company’s perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), used as a surfactant for preparing various fluoroplastics (such as PTFE) and fluoroelastomers, is a necessary additive in the production of many organofluorocompounds. Currently, our products are used in plastics, computer, IT, aerospace, and environmental production industries.
                                                        The flagship product, PFOA, has met most specifications of the best available products in the world and is ready for exports. The esterification technique and the analytical method for determining linear isomer content are in the process of applying for IP protections.
                                                         Shanghai Fluorine Fine Chemical Co.’s mission is to serve the market and its customer with the best quality products in the world. We envision that our technical advancement will continue to allow us to provide the best and the most customer-specific products and services.
                                                      2005 © Copyright Shanghai Fluorine Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
                                                      Add:28 Binhai Rd. Nanhui District Shanghai Tel:021-58058451 58058127 Fax:021-58058725
                                                      Zipcode:201302  E-mail:[email protected]